Patients Charter

The Government has given the Health Service quality standards which are the right of all patients. While we agree that these standards are important we do not feel they are achievable without the help of our patients. We ask you then to read this section bearing in mind that we will keep to the standards set if you give us the opportunity to do so.

We would expect patients to:

  • Treat doctors and practice staff with courtesy
  • Be punctual for appointments
  • Keep within the 10 minute consultation time.
  • Remember an appointment is for one patient only
  • Give reception notice if you are unable to attend your appointment
  • Be patient if the doctor is running late
  • Not request an out-of-hours visit unless it is an emergency which cannot wait until the morning

Changes to Personal Details

Please inform us of changes of address, name, telephone number or other details as soon as possible in order to minimise confusion.

Access To Health Records Act 1990

Patients have the right to have access to their health records made after November 1st 1991. The Act applies to both private and NHS patients. Records must be intelligible to lay persons and upon request must be explained to those authorised to see the records.

The following people may apply to see their records:

  • The patient
  • Another person but only when the patient's express consent has been given
  • A person appointed by the Courts to manage a patient's affairs
  • Where the patient is deceased, the patient's personal representative and any person who may have a claim arising from the patient's death. Access is limited to the relevant part of the health record.
  • A child under 16, who, in the view of the health professional, is capable of understanding the implications. A child under 16 does have the right to confidentiality but parents have a responsibility in ensuring that the child's record is accurate and contains no information prejudicial to the child

In order to view medical records an appointment must first be made with the practice manager. Proof of identity or other checks may be made before allowing access.

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